Pearl-white Two-piece(2mm)M

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product name : Pearl-white Two-piece(2mm)M


   2mm, Hoodless, Zipper


   Scubadiving, Snorkeling


   All Nylon

Water Temperature:      25℃- 28℃( 77℉-82℉ )
Function:      Recreational, Photograph

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For a long time, international brands made in Chinese OEM factories have occupied the market . Chinese divers have to pay for high distribution costs in the middle. With over 20 years of OEM experience in the design and production of diving suits for dozens of international brands, determined to provide Chinese divers with “sophisticated materials” “fine workmanship” “reasonable prices” and “comfortable diving suits” . At the end of 2015, BESTDIVE, a Chinese high-quality diving suit brand, was born in Nanjing, and has become the only diving suit brand in China that has been authorized by the world-renowned diving material brand YAMAMOTO. BESTDIVE made its debut in the domestic diving market in 2016. In October of the same year, it successfully signed a brand endorsement with the famous freediving athlete Jessea (Lu Wenjie). In 2017, BESTDIVE became popular in China and Southeast Asia diving equipment mareket. In September of the same year, the first BESTDIVE Cup Free Dive Challenge was successfully held in the Philippines by the Chinese freediving athlete Sendou. 


“YAMAMOTO” japan is a professional diving material brand in world’s diving market with a 54-year manufacturing history in Japan. The world's top freedivers and triathletes use YAMAMOTO materials who make Thermal protection suits. Yamamoto neoprene is extracted from limestone containing 99.7% carbonate. With high-tech material technology, the Yamamoto neoprene is rich in 93% of honeycomb closed cells. The cells contain a large amount of nitrogen to form super strong Thermal performance. The world acknowledges that YAMAMOTO neoprene has excellent environmental protection, warmth, high elasticity and comfort. According to the test of the world's authoritative organizations, the warmth of YAMAMOTO neoprene is nearly 40% higher than other general diving materials. Bestdive has obtained the exclusive authorization of Japan YAMAMOTO in China, and the BESTDIVE full range of diving suits are made using YAMAMOTO professional diving materials.

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