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The 1st Chinese athlete to break a World Record in freediving

Individual all-around ranking AIDA #1 (2019), with 36-time national records

Podium Medals: 15 Gold, 7 Silver, 8 Bronze

Scientist, with a Ph.D degree in clinical pharmacology and pharmacogenetics

Jessea Lu is a world-renowned freediving athlete with 1 world record and 30+ national records under her belt. "To me, freediving is a lifestyle filled with three of my favorite elements: Science, Sport, and Art. Water is an enormous canvas where I have unlimited space to express myself and test out new ideas." Jessea has a PhD degree and never stops challenging herself. She can hold her breath over 8 minutes and dive to 90+ meters underwater on a single breath of air, which has inspired many people to explore their own potential in diving. Jessea lives in Hawaii where she continues her training in deep diving. She is also one of the few people ever in history to freedive in Antarctica where water temperature is at -2°C. The beauty of marine life in the sea is what got Jessea into diving in the first place. Now she aspires to document, protect and be a part of our beautiful oceans.   

BESTDIVE Ambassadors —— ANQI LIM

Singapore’s deepest female Freediver and hold all national records for depth. 

Asian free diving cup 2018 women’s 1st overall

Caribbean Cup 2018 women’s CNF 3rd placing

Formerly an avid scuba diver, Anqi started freediving in 2014 and found it a whole new and liberating way of experiencing the ocean in a single breath. In 2015, she moved to the island of Panglao in the Philippines and started competitive freediving. The first female freediver to represent Singapore on the international stage for freediving, Anqi has gone on to do Singapore proud by winning several competitions and setting new national records and personal bests. In 2019, she represented Singapore at the Confederation Mondiale des Activites Subaquatiques (CMAS) 2019 World Freediving Championships in Honduras. She now holds the Singapore national record for all depth disciplines with the deepest dive to 70m. She is ranked top 14 in the world, for female overall depth category in 2019. As an ocean ambassador, she is passionate about ocean conservation and is the founder of the Sea Glass Project (seaglassproject.etsy.com), using upcycled sustainable fashion to promote ocean conservation. Follow Anqi's ocean dreams on IG @anqiunderwater. 

BESTDIVE Ambassadors —— Helena Bourdillon

The deepest female diver in the UK

3 x AIDA National Records for CWTB

4 x CMAS National Records (each discipline)

Helena was a water baby when she was younger spending as much time in swimming pools as possible. Now she has swapped the pools for the oceans as often as she can, traveling the world, exploring the depths and competing. She holds multiple British Freediving records and is excited to see how much more she is capable of achieving aged 45 and for many years to come.
When not in the water she is a positive mental health speaker telling of her journey from the depths of chronic depression 20 years ago to the life she leads today, hoping to inspire her listeners to new adventures and belief in themselves. She also runs breathing workshops helping people develop better breathing habits for health and relaxation.

BESTDIVE Global Ambassadors —— David Mulheron

Australia CWTB National Record Holder

Australian freediving male athlete of the year 2019

David Mulheron is an Australian freediving athlete on the rise. In just his first year competing in the depth disciplines he set a new national record for Australia diving to 86 meters in CWTB. This performance ranked him 12th in the world for CWTB in 2019. He also won Australian freediving male athlete of the year as voted by the Australian Freediving Association. David lives on Christmas Island where he trains and runs his freediving school. “I love how freediving allows me to push myself and explore the limits of what I'm capable of physically and mentally”. “Im finding the deeper I dive the louder the silence becomes down there. Its something truly amazing but also addictive”. 

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