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The 1st Chinese athlete to break a World Record in freediving

Individual all-around ranking AIDA #1 (2019), with 36-time national records

Podium Medals: 15 Gold, 7 Silver, 8 Bronze

Scientist, with a Ph.D degree in clinical pharmacology and pharmacogenetics

Jessea Lu is a world-renowned freediving athlete with 1 world record and 30+ national records under her belt. "To me, freediving is a lifestyle filled with three of my favorite elements: Science, Sport, and Art. Water is an enormous canvas where I have unlimited space to express myself and test out new ideas." Jessea has a PhD degree and never stops challenging herself. She can hold her breath over 8 minutes and dive to 90+ meters underwater on a single breath of air, which has inspired many people to explore their own potential in diving. Jessea lives in Hawaii where she continues her training in deep diving. She is also one of the few people ever in history to freedive in Antarctica where water temperature is at -2°C. The beauty of marine life in the sea is what got Jessea into diving in the first place. Now she aspires to document, protect and be a part of our beautiful oceans.   

BESTDIVE Ambassadors —— Alenka Artnik

The deepest female freediver -114m

10x Freediving World Records

4x World Champion

Alenka Artnik is the deepest woman in the history of competitive freediving. With the depth of 113m she set a new world record at the cmas world championship in Honduras in 2019. Originally from Koper, Slovenia, Alenka started freediving 8 years ago. Freediving for Alenka was love at first sight. She describes the experience as not only changing her life, but also helping her grow. Every dive opens her mind and heart, giving her peace. Her passion for freediving and hard work made her very successful in the sport. Overall she’s set 8 world records and has earned 9 combined gold and silver individual medals at world and european championship events.   

BESTDIVE Ambassadors —— Stefan Randig

Pro Freediver

16x National Record Holder

World Ranking # 7 combined depth

AIDA & Molchanovs Instructor Trainer

Stefan was born in Germany. He started his journey into the blue as a Scuba Instructor. Stefan taught in some of the worlds best diving spots like the Seychelles, the Maldives and the Red Sea of Egypt. In 2009 he left the tanks behind and concentrated on regular Freedive training. Competitive Freediving during International AIDA Events followed from 2010 onwards and since then Stefan has broken and set German National Records in all of the competition depth disciplines. In 2012 Stefan co-founded "Freedive Panglao" in the Philippines. Stefan is an AIDA Instructor Trainer and is running courses of all Levels, from complete beginners up to Instructor Level in English and German.   

BESTDIVE Ambassadors —— Anqi Lim

Asian free diving cup 2018 women’s 1st overall

Caribbean Cup 2018 women’s 1st overall

CMAS world championships 2019, made 4 new national records

Singapore’s deepest female Freediver and hold all national records for depth

BESTDIVE Ambassadors —— Helena Bourdillon

The deepest female diver in the UK

3 x AIDA National Records for CWTB

4 x CMAS National Records (each discipline)

Freediver Public speaker and Breath Trainer

I grew up in London and was a water baby from the start.  I learned to scuba dive aged 12 and enjoyed it for many years but always found it to be a bit noisy and cumbersome. While travelling in Thailand in 2013, I discovering freediving and it was love at first dive!  I found a deep level of  peace and tranquility that I wasn’t able to access whilst scuba diving. Shortly after starting to freedive, I had to take a year away from depth for personal reasons but returned and in 2015, I was selected to attend the biennial Individual Depth World Championships in Cyprus on the British Team.  I placed overall 10th out of 30 women. In 2017 I attended the same event, this time in Roatan, Honduras where I placed overall 5th out of 31 women. In August 2019, I competed in the Caribbean Cup in Roatan Honduras, gaining my first 2 national records in CWBF followed by the CMAS World Championships where I took all 4 depth national records.  Then onto Villefrance-sur-Mer, France for the AIDA World Championships where I secured 3 white cards for successful dives and came 4th overall out of 46 women. My passion is for the depth disciplines, but I use the pool for training when I am London based and unable to access deep water. I am an SSI Level 2 Freediving Instructor and have a healthy passion for Yoga.  I relish both the physical and mental side of free diving and look forward to consistently increasing my depths over the coming years.

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